An Inner World

squiggling like spermatozoa

across the tightly stretched

canvas paints splay their way

in fluid convolutions destination

and journey imbued alike

this is sea wave and stardust

the static of the cosmos

all patterns inchoate innate

to the painter's seismic psyche

which spills its synapses

in dribbles and streaks and dots

they connect only in the drip

drip drip of brush or can

paint flailing into fluidity

mounting a morass of meaning

chaotic calligraphy strokes

at midnight gathering coin

for the splatter of form nothing

can come from the spontaneous

waves and waves and waves

of instinct representing themselves

as negated figures of negative

energy on the white page reach

out for derelict design each stroke

wriggles past the salon's censor

of representation each dot crosses

a "t" smears an "i" sails away to the edge

of consciousness returns a bird

a fish a luminescent limpet flattened

to the surface as sails of will of time

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