Colors of Love

Stalks of many colors lighten the way through the dark wood of my journey skyward no single hue embraces my hidden hope none captures the urgency of passing through this plane to the next and next until I behold the celestial pinnacle shining with transcendence and love everlasting love now blue now gold now a kaleidoscope of colors that merge into the untarnished white of Being We do not need philosophical abstractions to grasp the brass ring dipped in acrylic its purple splotches merge with tan white yellow and green together they paint a bright portrait of the soul lurking behind fields of stalks pushing ever higher toward the sun its black spots erupt in orange and red melding into yellow the color of enlightenment the shade of no shadows only intense freeing light It is our tragedy to barrel through the stalks to reach the light that beckons clear and free that calls in silent cadences the dance of belonging the minuet of meaning how we clamor for love outside the light how the many colors drench our eyes with the impasto of beauty the strains of Being and Nothingness that form our hammock far above the brown earth’s fray far beyond the will to power that desecrates the dark wood into a wall of burnt black

"Pickup Sticks" acrylic on paper © 2022 Norman Carr

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