Deep and Diffuse

Light filters through the bedroom window, casting a cross between us on the rumpled sheet. We commune with the dawn, beginning anew, thrown into the world, wondering and opaque. Jewels simmer in flames of orange and red. Rays prism into the endless geometry of white. Colors shimmer between the lines of our love, sketch portraits of ourselves lying in wait, fevered and swift. On the table, oranges anticipate their morning departure, fragrant rinds, hemispheres of red-gold, succulent delight. A ring of coffee stains the table, battered, scarred from decades of use. The sheen of elbows: everlasting. I watch you saunter into the world, needing nada. How might underwrites your beauty, goodness and mind. Light dwells in the habitation of the heart, deep, diffuse. It erases all doubts of identity: son, daughter of the day.

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