Going on Forever

The night drones on forever

until darkness yields

to lustrous light

until black shadows fade

to gray, yellow and white

the dark shown the door

to the void as the pasture

lights up with life forever

fixated on the moist green

undulations of earth which roll

like slow waves curling toward

the shore regain your land legs

to stand against the tide

My love soars on forever

until aloneness yields

to the intimate One

until the I settles its scores

with the body until the body

changes its skin for the soul

which molts in the sun

like a lizard in the great

Southwest its deserts sublime

as the Alps in autumn unlocked

from the tyranny of the land

which exalts only plains

for their dull fossil fuels

This life goes on forever

until the end draws near

until the minutiae of mortality

begin to add up to death

in all its antiseptic ugliness

until the ventilator is switched off

and the body breathes no more

if it can breathe without a brain

if the senses can gather their bounty

with no gatherer guiding them on

wildflowers bloom in the desert

bright bursts of color against

a sea on monotonous gray dive in

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