The Happy Fall

Updated: Feb 23

Beyond the beyond the afterworld awaits never materializing as golden light never arriving as today always tomorrow always on the way becoming unfinished incomplete the signature of frailty time cannot bear the weight of glory the future fires phantasms in the kiln of today I have arrived at the port of departure pushing past the crowds that coalesce as human shields against the Other the stranger the Xenos to be feared their faces resemble wet leaves on the sidewalk stepped upon by aimless hordes leaving imprints of indents from slick soled shoes evening fades the shadows but shapes conspire to last A constellation of renegade stars torpedoes through the galaxy debris agitates in their wake no clean way out let us make the sentence the poetic line let us take the long day’s journey into night as the metaphor of falling we have no choice but to choose poorly we cannot play the field without accurately testing its hazards which swallow our weaknesses as a black hole devours gravity and light Light leads only to more light darkness cannot be held aloft as the upper limit of sight of vision of the pretense of every human contrivance hubris is our birthmark folly our crooked back that needs correction how we bend over parcels outweighing the force of gravity how we lean into the denouement of a tired taxing plot who plays the hero matters only on the weakness of the cast Before the beyond is this world the only home we know faith hope shape an eschaton that unravels tragedy the crimes against self brought on by blind ambition of abusing the Other always the Other no destiny thrives sui generis no trajectory of life lands on the outskirts of moors but hurtles face first into foothills the color of stone balance on the high ridge to recapitulate the happy fall

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