The Light That Does Not Go Out

It is time for the light to go out for the cold to begin time to dig the entangled roots from the black beds of soil without noise or fanfare red worms rise to the surface like smoke over the gray hills the mountains do not intimidate me they are sentinels on the border crossing that brings me into Italy I see through them to the olive groves to the pasta kitchens to the Tuscan vineyards crowning the softly rolling waves of land Cyprus trees stand as erect as Ionian columns To execute this plan I must turn like Janus seeing both sides at once choosing one only taunts the other the rules exist to reassure me but the important thing is to love all creation even when it seeks your destruction time is the trickster shaping the future with urgency the past with a freighted torpor I trudge in the present seeking solace from the sun the light that never goes out that never turns cold

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