The Tightrope Walker's Poise

Your disconsolate love quivers

like a bee drilling inside your need to fall

you are pale dark and brooding

your morning hair screams help me!

you awake on a tightrope

spanning this metropolitan canyon

shadows splash across your feet as you hesitate

then plunge to the vacant boulevard below

which instantly repels and entombs you

erecting a monument to your lavish passions

the cheeky jewels of Eros

the magnums of champagne drunk

to claim a courage to believe and hope

Peace roses have bloomed

a symphony of yellow and cream

I watch tiny bugs test the waters of velvet petals

that open like the womb of the world

known only in its unknowingness

today everything is possible

the anticipated becomes real

I pluck my blazer from its hanger

don my summer hat

to keep the sun at bay

to let it through would be to burn

in hell before hell begins

We must live protected

from this life that thrills to kill us

once awake I will blink and test

the tightrope walker's balance

from the pinnacle of poise within

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