Zabriskie Point


The mind joins itself

in stark pirouettes of light.

Body kisses soul,

the inrush of blood,

tingling, desire.

The broken mirror of touch.

O how eternal union eludes us.

O how the night sweeps up

pieces of dawn,

scatters them

like stones

from a cairn toppled

in the wind.


Fleurs de lis, fleurs du mal.

Hammer the symbol to clang

like a gong. Hammer the hearer

to echo like a gorge: life, knife, strife.

Immortality swoons

at the grave of the moon.

Ask for excess, more

than you could want.

Ask for redemption from


Throw yourself back

into the world.

Urge the Other

to shepherd what is.

Urge the Other

to shadow what is not.

Urge the Other

to care for the great mystery.

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